Thursday, 30 January 2014

Bread Pockets - evening snack

I have heard about bread pockets, but until I tried, I had no idea of how it would taste or about the texture. To my surprise, it was tasting great. 

I made them with spicy potato stuffing (I used cutlet koottu as fillings) . It tastes good and enjoyed it with a cup of hot tea, as an evening snack. So let’s start the recipe .yum


Bread Slices - 2
Egg - 1 (for batter)
Bread Crumbs - 1 cup
Cucumber - medium size chopped
Capcicum - a small one chopped
Chicken -  1 cup grated ( cooked with slat and pepper)
Black olives - 1/4 cup (optional)
Oil - Refined


Take 2 slices of bread. Cut the edges of the bread.  Place one slice on top of other slice and slightly roll it with a rolling pin and (don't give too much pressure). With a round shaped cutter or with a round shaped lid, cut the bread from the centre. Beat an egg in a bowl and dip those round shaped bread in the egg batter, then roll it with bread crumbs (same process of making cutlets). Deep fry in oil. When it becomes golden brown colour take it from the pan and drain the excess oil. Then, cut the fried breads from the centre into half (semi circle). Now, you will get the pockets. Prepare, any filling of your choice and fill the pockets. Have it with hot tea or coffee.

Simple Fillings: In a bowl take chopped cucumber, capsicum, grated chicken (cooked with salt and pepper) and chopped black olives. Add salt and pepper and one spoon mayonnaise (optional). Mix well and fill it in the bread pockets. You can use fillings of your choice.

Note: We can use sauces, mayonnaise etc of our taste as filling. If you are adding tomatoes or sauces in the filling, add it before severing, otherwise the bread pockets will become soggy.

Enjoy these hot pockets with a cup of hot tea


  1. Very nice recipe and looking yumm.

  2. Hi Nandoos,
    Thank u for your lovely comment

  3. Looks simple delicious!!!

  4. i have seen the same recipe in a Malayalam food channel and have tried it.. it is simply delicious...first time at your space and superb recipe collection.. Keep in touch


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