Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Banana Nutella Toast Sandwitch !!!!

French toast makes a fabulous  morning treat for any Nutella lover. I made it with bananas but strawberries would be awesome, too. Or both!

One of our favorite go to breakfasts, or snacks, are nutella and banana sandwiches. I always have all of the ingredients on hand and if you combine that with, how yummy they are and how quick and easy they are to make. 

Nutella goes really well with a lot of fruits, though banana seems to be the one that I keep coming back to. We normally eat them in sandwich fashion with two slices of bread but an open faced sandwich, or toast, also works really well. I sometimes even butter them up and grill them so that they are nice and golden brown on the outside and the nutella is warm and melted on the inside. You could also easily turn it into french toast for something a bit different.

This is a wonderful and easiest toast sandwich to do and the tastiest one to eat. No one can resist the delicious taste of Nutella. The combination of banana, cinnamon and walnuts to Nutella,is soo Yummy... Recipe courtesy Pavithra Elangovan.


  • Whole wheat bread or white bread – 3 slices need for a sandwich
  • Banana Sliced
  • Nutella – to spread
  • Walnuts – chopped
  • Cinnamon powder – to sprinkle


Toast the bread with butter in low flame until nice brown colour. Apply nutella. Chop the walnuts and sprinkle on top of the nutella spread slice and close with another toasted bread, on top of that place sliced banana. Add few more chopped walnuts (if needed, optional) and sprinkle cinnamon powder. Apply nutella in another toasted bread. Close the sandwich, cut diagonally into two halves and serve.

This is great for breakfast or anytime snack.

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