Thursday, 6 March 2014

Toadstool / Mushroom Themed Birthday Cake

How cute is this!? I wish I could have someone make me this cake for my birthday.

Girly birthday cakes are much more fun to make! The colors are vibrant, red,pink, yellow, green! Loved it. Here's another one for the collection
A Toadstool Birthday Cake made for our  friend's daughter ALEENA, who is celebrating her 12th birthday. This is my favorite .


As I mentioned earlier, that I am not a great cake decorator. So when making children’s novelty cake, I am truly out of my depth. I have no idea how I made it. Thank God, as things often do, it turned out well. 

For the cake, I baked 3 chocolate cake sponges in two different sized bowls.Two cakes, in 6’’ round cake pan and one in a medium sized dome pan, which I used as the top.  Once I baked the round cakes, I cut it  from the middle with a round cake ring.  Then I layered the cakes and put the butterscotch frosting as filling in between. I iced both cakes separately with a generous helping of butter icing and allowed it to “set” in the fridge before proceeding with the decorating as I wanted the cakes to be nice and firm to work with. I used fondant for decorating the whole cake.  

Wow, she shouted “Toadstool Cake”, the minute she saw it, and I saw the biggest smile when I delivered the cake. I have to say, even I was very impressed with my efforts.


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