Monday, 29 February 2016


Bilimbi or tree sorrel is widely available in Kerala and is known as Irumban 
Puli in Malayalam. Used to make pickles, squashes and even wine. It has many medicinal purposes because of its high acidic properties.
Bilimbi Juice is used medicinally throughout Asia. The fruit juice has a high concentration of oxalic acid which is useful for cleaning and bleaching. Infused leaf of bilimbi can be used for cough while leaf decoction can give soothe to rectal inflammation.The leaves of bilimbi tree are also used as a treatment relief for skin itches, swellings of mumps and rheumatism. It can also be a good alternative remedy for insect and animal bites. The leaves are applied as poultice on itches, swellings of mumps and rheumatism, and on skin problems. Syrup made from Bilimbi fruit is taken as a cure for fever and inflammation and to stop rectal bleeding and alleviate internal haemorrhoids.

Pulinchikka/ Bilimbi Juice!! What a refreshing drink a thirst quencher it is!! This is simple to prepare, and  so refreshing. One of the best drink to beat the summer heat. So why wait, welcome the summer with this refreshing drink!


Bilimbi (Pulinchikka) - 1/2 kilo
Sugar- 1 1/2kilo
Water -2cups
Orange - 1 with skin sliced
Ginger -medium size piece chopped
Citric acid - 1tsp (or lime juice can be added instead of citric acid)
Green food colour- one or two pinch (optional)

Clean and wash the pulinchikka. Cut it into medium pieces. Put pulinchikka, orange and ginger in a mixy and grind it. Don't add water for grinding.   Grind it well. Using a spoon take the pulp through a sieve. Place a pan on stove and pour 2cups of water and into that add sugar and melt it well. Stir it continously and make sugar syrup. When it reaches boiling  point remove from stove and  add it into fruit pulp and mix well. After cooling add 1tsp citric acid or lime juice and add a bit of green food colour (adding is optional) and mix well. Transfer this mix into an air tight bottle and refrigerate it. Prepare the juice by adding required amount of water with fruit syrup. 


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